Monday, February 25, 2013

Plateau Obliteration – Day Three!

When “obliterating a plateau” it’s hard to stay motivated.  Progress isn't as fast, my internal engine has slowed down to accommodate for the pace it wants to follow and it is just plain hard work.

Day three is always the day that I seem to hit my slump.  Today I left the gym feeling tired and sore and a little bloated from the weekend.  The scale has not moved an inch and this is about the time when I start to feel a bit defeated.

Time for a little self-talk and some motivation boosting!  Luckily, I have been here before and I know how to push through. 

Step 1:  Stick to the plan.  Make sure that you are juicing each day in accordance with the plan you've created for yourself.  
  • For my “plateau obliteration plan” I am making a commitment to incorporate no more than 25% fruit juice into my routine.  This forces me to seek vegetable alternatives which add less sugar and less calories.

Step 2:  Increase intensity and duration.  For your movement or exercise routine, it’s time to pick up the pace and increase intensity and duration.  That means you want to increase your heart-rate for a longer period of time.  
  • My current goal during this time is to increase my cardio to 30 min instead of 20 at an intensity of 6-7 vs. my previous 5.  I’m sweating bullets!

Step 3:  Check the negative attitude.  This is about the time when I start the negative talk in my head, “I’m just too tired… I am not making any headway… there’s no point, I might as well take the day off… I think I’m looking fatter… this is just too hard… I've made a lot of progress recently, I don’t’ need to work that hard.”  Do any of these sound familiar?  These are the types of negative thoughts that work against you and against your best interest.  
  • I, personally, “fake it till I make it.”  I start talking to myself in the exact opposite manner, reversing those statements.  Even though I don’t quite believe them at first, I keep going until I start to feel the lift in my spirit.

Step 4:  Take a step back.  Look at how far you've already come!  What a feat!  Whether it’s weight loss, better health, more energy… take a moment to recognize and build yourself up for the progress you've already made.  Remember what it felt like to start your new juicing routine.  Remember how hard that first week was.  Now look at the positive progress!  
  • I figure... I've already made it through the first phase... nothing is going to stop me from making it through the next!  I deserve this... and I can't wait to look back and remember what this phase was like.

Try this extra green recipe to kick-start your system!

Uber Green (just chug it)
½ bunch kale
½ bunch rainbow chard
1 large bag of spinach
½ cucumber
½in ginger root
¼ lemon
1 apple

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