Friday, February 22, 2013

Plateau Obliteration - Day One!

So I am the kind of person who hits the ground running.  Once I have analyzed the situation and made my decision... I'm doing it!  Day one of my "Plateau Obliteration Plan"... Change my workout routine!

With that said, I brushed off the dust on my cross trainers yesterday.  I threw a fresh pair of workout clothes in the back of my car and got myself to the gym.  As I walked into the free-weight section, the smell of rubber and the clanking of weights brought back a nostalgic excitement that I had long forgot.

Eight pairs of eyes perked up as I strolled down the middle of "their territory."  You see, I belong to a no-name, hole-in-the-wall, local gym.  I joined by choice, as I like the simplicity of the place, the focus of the atmosphere and their genuine support and demeanor   No pressure and usually no eyes staring at you while you work out (one of my pet-peeves... getting hit on at the gym... a story for another time perhaps).

This time, however, the gym seemed "packed" and of course, they were all... men.

In these situations, I usually lift my head a little higher and stroll a little more confidently than usual.  Just to offset the fact that I felt completely vulnerable and out of place in my purple tank-top.  I took a deep breath and reminded myself, "You have been here before, you are just fine and in a couple days, this will feel completely normal."

My hand knew what to reach for... a 20 pound dumbbell.  I slowly brought it to my side and started a whole new core workout.

Moral of my story... even though I am not speaking directly to juice today... it is just as important to focus on the entire well-being of your body during this transition.  Your muscles and joints were built to be challenge and to move.  Your body was made to adapt and change.  That is why changing up your workout or movement routine is so important.  If you let your body become too complacent, you will get results to match... stagnation.

So why not grab a big glass of juiced greens, your cross trainers and head to the gym!  Try these moves to help "break the ice."  I have to admit... I am a HUGE Jillian Michaels fan... so do what you can and alter the workouts to your experience/performance level.  Just be prepared to "feel it" the next day!

Jillian Michaels - 20 minute workout -

Note that by changing any workout routine, you should be cognizant of your current physical health and should determine if you need to consult a medical professional.

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