Friday, February 8, 2013

If I can do it... You can!

I'm not a small woman... 5ft 10in, larger frame, definitely "big-boned."

Keeping my weight in-check has been a challenge since my "high school metabolism" slowed down.

I was a fierce athlete in high school and on into my early years of college. Always training, always exercising and always eating whatever I wanted! So when I packed my car and drove out West, I left my athletic obligations behind.

As you can imagine I slowly started to pack on the pounds. I was finally on my own, becoming financially independent and in the mind-set of indulgence!

Rich coffee drinks and flaky pastries... Burgers and fries... Chicken burritos with all the fixings... And of course beer!

Add that up and take into account my lack of activity and you have a pudgy, large boned woman pushing 200lbs.

Thank goodness for my body-conscious roommate at the time. She was able to rein me in, teaching me about good cooking habits and regular activity. Yet even with the added help, keeping my weight down was a challenge. At a minimum it took 2+ hours per day of running, lifting weights, swimming and/or yoga.

Once out of college, there was no way to maintain that lifestyle without sacrificing sleep... Of which I can not do without.

I yo-yo dieted, had my ups and downs of incorporating 45 min power workouts and cardio into my days. What I found was that my weight would maybe go down a bit but it never fully broke the plateau. I always bottomed out right around 190.

After having a child, it was especially hard to drop the pounds. I felt defeated and at a loss.

Until... My brother, Brian, introduced me to juicing. Now I am down 32 lbs from my post baby weight... I am weighing in at 178! I feel and look amazing (I feel confident enough that I can say that now)!

I'm turning heads again... And it feels damn good! So... If a woman like me can do it... SO CAN YOU!

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