Monday, February 11, 2013


Everyone talks about staying hydrated.  The whole concept is "preached" and now water is thought of as boring...

Yet the proof is in the pudding... or juice in this matter.  When I am dehydrated, I do not feel my best.  I'm not just talking about a little fatigue.  I'm speaking to the mid-morning crashes, the creaking in my joints, the burning in my stomach and the dull headaches mid-afternoon.  To finally falling face-first on my bed too early in the evening to enjoy it.

Depending upon the studies you read, 75-80% of most individuals are chronically dehydrated.  This is mainly made up of the US population.  Studies show that a mere 2% drop in body water/fluids can result in some of (not limited to) the following symptoms:

  1. Lack of focus/attention; "fuzzy head"
  2. Fatigue
  3. Constipation
  4. Digestive troubles
  5. Blood pressure irregularities and issues (both rise and fall)
  6. Respiratory issues
  7. Excess weight gain
  8. Skin and hair dryness and/or irritations
  9. Joint pain
  10. Ulcers
Good thing there is juice!  A juicing regimen, heavy in vegetables, greatly reduces your chances of being chronically dehydrated.  In most cases, incorporating 2-3 glasses of juice into your day decreases or almost eliminates the above mentioned list of ailments.  How fantastic is that?!  

To add even more to the mix, I have found a few tips to fit more water into my day as well:  
  1. After you brush your teeth (morning and night) slam a glass of water.  By "slam" I mean just drink it without thinking about it.  There's two extra glasses right there!
  2. While juicing, make sure that you match your glasses of juice with an equal glass of water.  For me, that means 3 glasses at work.
  3. Keep a BPA-free bottle of water in your bag or purse.  Every time you reach into your bag/purse, take a gulp of water.  This way you are never stranded and don't feel the urge to go through the drive-through or stop at the gas station for a soda, pop or other sugary drink.
  4. Make a jug of lemon, cucumber, mint water at home.  It is so refreshing and takes no time at all.  I use a large glass jug with a seal-able top.  Then I peel and slice a whole cucumber, slice a whole lemon, squeeze another lemon and add a small bunch of crushed, fresh mint.  I fill it with distilled or filtered water and put in the fridge. The smell is invigorating and I actually look forward to having a glass when I get home. *If you like a little sweet with it, try 2 drops of Lemon Stevia in your glass.  Yum!
Moral of my post... make hydration something you actually want to do and not something you have to force yourself into.  Start juicing and feeling the full affects.  Hydration through juice adds a little taste into your day.  

The amazing part is that you will notice a change within the first day.  Grab a glass of juice and a glass of water and feel the affects today!

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