Monday, February 18, 2013

The Business Travel Approach

Being a working mom who travels quite a bit, I am constantly plagued with opportunities to veer from my juicing path.

When I was newer to the regimen, I would find myself running to my airport gate, grabbing anything with bread, meat and cheese and then eating it ravenously at 35,000 feet.  What I realized was that the affects of travel alone have adverse affects on the body.  When combined with poor eating and stress, I was doomed to gain weight, feel bloated and feel drained.

So... what changed?

I found a way to maintain while I traveled!  I realized that I was not going to be able to make much progress while traveling, especially on those trips longer than two days.  What I was willing to face, and eventually accept, was that maintaining weight and health is sometimes just as effective when trying times emerge.

Once I was able to wrap my head around the concept of maintenance, I could then let go of the guilt and stress that I felt and really focus on the trip I needed to take.

My true secret though is putting in a little research ahead of time.  I found that if I mapped out an organic health food store... ahead of time... I could then find fresh juice and produce that fit into my juicing regimen.

Try this approach next time you have business travel!

  1. Pack your food for the trip out.  You won't be able to pack juice, so pack fresh fruits, vegetables and raw nuts.  This will prevent the last minute junk-food buys.  
  2. Buy or refill a LARGE container of water and drink it constantly.  Yes it may cause you to have to get up a couple times on the plane, but it is well worth the hydration and satisfied feeling that comes with it.
  3. Do your research and find an organic health food store that is either near or on-the-way to your hotel/residence.  Stock up on fresh fruits, vegetables and raw nuts.  Also, if available, find fresh juice that you can buy in bulk.  Note: some hotels offer complimentary refrigerators... just ask, or build this into your travel budget.
  4. Stick to the basics if you have to go out and eat.  Remember to keep things fresh and simple.  The less cooking means the less sauce, the less heavy food and the closer you are to key nutrients.  Example: Choose the seared ahi tuna and quinoa instead of the breaded chicken sandwich or the steak and garlic mashed potatoes.  Note: another trick I like is to order your food in smaller orders, example I have the server bring me a small salad, then soup and then a side order of their vegetables .. by the end of it I am stuffed!
  5. Sleep and Move... get your butt to bed and get up 30 minutes earlier the next morning to take a walk or simply stretch before your meetings.
  6. Do a 1-3 day juice cleanse when you get home.
I feel like I'm an avid "traveling juicer" now and it feels amazing to be able to embrace a lifestyle that fosters health.

Happy travels!  

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