Monday, April 8, 2013

Be Who You Be - PROUD!

What a great reminder to all of us who are inundated with society's stigmas of body image and beauty!

Radio CFF posted this picture/story on Facebook regarding Swedish manikins.  The premise is that a department store in Sweden displayed size 12 and 16 manikins to showcase their "normal sized" lingerie.  I'll tell you what... those sizes are normal!  For some women, like myself, a size 12 is a GREAT size to be at!  My goal is a 10, but come on... I've worked my buns off to get where I'm at, combining juice, healthy eating and activity.  If maintaining a 10/12 is where I'm supposed to be then dag-nabbit... I'm proud to be ME!

If you ask me, these are beautiful displays of healthy women... I'd kill for "abs" like that!

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