Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why do I Juice?

So, now that we're getting things started, I thought I'd let you all know the why behind Juice Up Life.

A year ago, my brother recommended a documentary to me, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.  He claimed that this documentary changed the way he thought about his body and his life.  Though I am a health nut at heart, I was still skeptical of the thought that juice alone can heal, maintain and nourish a body.  In a society where meat, milk and grains are the stable of our existence... not to mention white foods (sugar, flour and other processed foods), I had a hard time buying the concept.

Needless to say, I gave in and watched the documentary.  It was an impressive video and being a knowledge hound, I soaked up the statistics and references like a sponge.  I took the information, processed and researched until late hours of the night.  If you were looking for me the weekend I watched this, you could find me on my iPhone, curled up in a blanket, holding the screen to my face and reading... reading... reading.

My brother asked that each of us family members go with him on a 6 day juice cleanse to reboot the system.  I figured, anyone can do this for 6 days.  What is the worst that will happen...nothing?

He invested in a juicer for my household and that Monday, I went to work with four jars of homemade juice.  I still remember the looks I got when I unscrewed the first jar and chugged it right before going into a presentation I had with my team.  My team knows my views on health, but even this was out there for me.

Little did I know that morning would change my life forever.  My journey is to be continued...

I have come to the conclusion that juicing has come into my life for a distinct purpose.  The past six months have had such a profound impact that I can't help but share this experience.  Through my story, I can only hope that you will come to know the health, joy and vitality that has flourished in my life.


  1. wow! what a powerful "teaser", i'm anxious for the rest of your story!! how incredible. i also found that documentary to be so empowering, we really can heal ourselves and thrive if we choose to be gentle and kind to these vessels we are given.

    1. True statement! Keep up the fantastic work you are doing for you and your family... More to come!