Friday, January 25, 2013

Do You Ever "Cheat?"

While I was traveling for business this past week (hence my gap in posts... sorry!) I was asked, "Do you ever cheat?"

What a GREAT question!

First, I wanted to address the use of the word "cheat."  The very meaning of the word equates to an act of dishonesty or unfair/immoral behavior in order to gain advantage.  I thought it was so interesting that we use this word in conversations to describe our eating behaviors and trends.  

For instance, after a weekend vacation I may say to a friend, "I cheated this weekend and had a huge piece of chocolate fudge cake for desert!"

After really understanding the meaning of the word "cheat" I thought it was time to change the way I use that word in regards to my own eating regimen.  In fact, I don't engage in any dishonest or immoral behavior in order to gain unfair advantage when I reach for that piece of chocolate fudge cake.  The reality of my story is that I am an exact result of the decisions I make each and every day.  Each day I am making decisions to enhance, deplete or maintain my life... and not with ill-willed intentions.

Instead, I am making the conscious decision to act according to the juicing program that I have set before myself.  I am doing it for one reason and one reason only... it is in my best interest and serves my higher purpose.  There are very few things more powerful than your higher purpose!

So now that I've re-defined and categorized the word "cheat" I can address the real questions, "Do I stray from my juicing program?"  My answer will be and will always be, "No."  

How is that possible you ask?!

This is simple stuff!  I have a simple story with a simple message.  I have created, and follow, a juicing plan that not only works for me but that I can manage.  It fits into my lifestyle, it is able to be customized, changed last minute... it even has a back up plan for the back up plan!  Trust me, I've thought of everything.  No matter what juice or food events come my way, I have a program and a plan to handle it.  Not avoid it, not deprive myself of anything and not to "cheat" it.  I simply have a plan that fits me... all of me, including my life, my spirit and my family.

Though I am not ready to share the plans yet (testing and time!), I will give you some pointers to help you start/excel in your own juicing journey...
  1. Listen.  Listen to your body, listen to your mind and listen to your spirit.  The very act of listening will tell you what your holistic self wants, needs and can handle.  
  2. Course correct.  If something doesn't work, change it.  If something works, keep it.
  3. Allow yourself to eat what you love.  I enjoy food in a way that goes beyond the taste buds.  It is one of the many ways I love to experience different cultures and places.  So, I build that into my plan.  An example would be that I love the sweet and spicy flavors of curry.  So instead of making my curry with the heavy coconut milk, cream and sugar that most traditional sauces use, I thin that down by using light coconut milk and juices (ex: pineapple) for sweetness.  The richness of the other ingredients shine through and I've come to like my version so much more!
  4. Give yourself realistic boundaries.  I threw the idea of "I can't have" or "No" out the window.  I reclaimed control over my life and took the attitude of "Not now but maybe later," "I choose this instead," or "Yes please!"  What that did was when a friend invited me out for coffee and a pastry.  I would say "Yes please!"  I would then eat every ounce of that pastry and would know that I needed to add and extra green juice to my next meal or needed to give myself a day without white sugar later that week.  The balance became key to me not depriving myself but making choices that were good for me... and quite frankly that I felt good about.
  5. Make time for what is important.  YOU are important.  Your health is important.  So take an extra 15 of each day and devote it to YOU!
Try some things out and let me know what you thoughts on this post!

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