Monday, January 28, 2013

Coffee and a Pastry?

I don't know if you are anything like me, but I just happen to have a small portion of Scandinavian in my blood.  If you've ever spent a day with a Scandinavian  you will notice that sugar, pastries and cream is a regular part of their morning diet.

I remember spending a weekend at Grandma's and waking up to the smell of fresh coffee.  I'd stumble up from the pull-out couch in the basement guest room to see 'the ladies' enjoying dainty cups of coffee with an elaborate display of pastries, breads, cheeses and jellies.  Grandma's eclectic china plates, ornate silver spoons and hand-painted coffee cups created such a nostalgia around what a happy breakfast was.

I carried this notion of a happy breakfast on through my life, always wanting coffee, cream and sugar, with something sweet on the side.

Now that I juice for breakfast, I've realized just how horrible sweets made me feel in the morning.  Having an apple danish would sit like a rock in my stomach until I'd try and cover it up with a sandwich at lunch and snacks throughout the day.  It was a slippery slope that would leave me feeling bloated with a sour stomach and a fuzzy head.

Starting my day with a giant glass of micro-nutrients and water set me up for a day of successful eating!  I not only felt amazing after a juicing breakfast, I felt clear in the head and less hungry than when I was eating sweets.  My body was telling me that I was more satisfied drinking juice than I was eating sweet foods for breakfast.  My body was telling me that I had everything I needed and therefore did not need more.

Now I wake up, chugging a mixture of greens and reds while racing out the door... rearing to take on the day!

My craving for a sweet pastry every time I smell fresh coffee brewing hasn't completely gone away.  As I've stated in previous posts, I don't deprive myself of this luxury either.  I've just realized that breakfast has a HUGE impact on how the rest of my day goes.

So I choose juice more and sweets less... that is what makes me feel amazing and what keeps me juicing every day!

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