Friday, January 18, 2013

Finishing-up the Week

Day three through five were easier than the first two days.  I was finally in-the-groove.  It helped to have people starting to notice a change in me.  They would say things like, "Did you change your hair?"  Or, "Have you lost weight?"  I knew I was on the right path.

I did a preliminary weigh-in on day five just because I was curious!  I had lost 5 pounds in five days.  I had already felt my jeans getting bigger and my waist getting smaller.  My face was clear of blemishes.  My hair never looked better.  People actually started to comment on the color of my eyes, which told me that they were bright and clear.

By day five, I also felt the need for solid food.  Not because I was hungry, but because I was missing the act of actually eating.  I kept reminding myself that I was just fine and that my body had everything it needed.  That was the best mantra to help get me through... I am fine and I have everything I need.

I've continued to say this throughout my juicing journey.  The reality is that we are so trained to revolve our lives around food that we forget about what the actual purpose of that food is.

Think about it... we plan our days, we plan our evenings, we plan our vacations around When and Where we will eat.  Now, don't get me wrong... I LOVE FOOD.  I love to experience life through food.  I am inclined to even reward myself through food.  These were the hard-coded ways of thinking that I needed to change.

Instead of looking at food as a focus point of my day, I began to open my mind to the things that I was actually 'doing' that day.  Doing vs. eating.  I was drinking juice all day long, so I no longer was waiting for lunch or for my afternoon snack time.  If I wanted juice, I drank it while repeating my mantra.  If I started to think about eating, I did something... anything!

Changing this way of thinking has changed my life forever.  These types of small changes in they way we think can have such a profound impact on they way we live.

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