Thursday, May 2, 2013

Food for Your Mood!

No joke... I am looking out over 6 INCHES of fresh snow right now... May 2nd... Not cool, Spring!

With Mother Nature playing with my emotions, I am in dyer need of some mood-boosting meals today.  Something that will put a smile on my face and remind me that "Everything's gonna be alright," thanks Mr. Marley for the mantra.

Here are some foods and a couple recipes to help boost your mood... even if you don't have a sea of white snow plaguing you today, stimulation of the brain and "feel good" hormones is good for anyone... anytime!

Foods for your mood:

  • Apricots: high in L-tryptophan which helps release serotonin into the system, reducing stress and anxiety
  • Bananas: high in Vitamin B6, Potassium and L-tryptophan which fights fatigue, irritability, stress and anxiety
  • Asparagus: high in the B Vitamins and minerals which increases energy and fights depression and anxiety
  • Avocados: high in monounsaturated fats which lifts mood
  • Sweet Potatoes: high in Vitamin B6, C, Iron and Potassium which again fights fatigue, irritability and helps the immune system
  • Walnuts: a natural brain food to help cognitive functioning and mood
  • Cinnamon: helps regulate blood sugar and digestion which means less mood swings and more even feelings of contentment
  • Brown Rice: regulates blood sugar, increases alertness and is naturally nigh in magnesium which combats stress
Try these recipes today to help lift your mood to someplace happy and sunny!

Yummy Mood Juice
3 apricots pitted
5 large spears of asparagus
1 sweet potato
Pinch of cinnamon atop the cup of juice

Moody Brown Rice
Cooked brown rice (with cilantro, garlic and a little sea salt)
Roasted sweat potatoes
Toasted walnuts
Sliced avocado
Cherry tomatoes
Steamed asparagus
Cilantro - chopped
Green onion - chopped
*Toss together with a little lemon, olive oil and sea salt

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