Friday, March 22, 2013

Nuts for Coconuts!

Some say the sweet smell of coconuts take them to a lounge chair on the beach... piña colada in hand.  Some say it reminds them of the pool on a hot summer day.  Either way, coconut usually sparks a positive nostalgic reaction in most individuals.

The focus for today... Coconut water.

Usually harvested from young, green coconuts, the water can be found at the very center.  Fresh coconut water is different from most store bought coconut drinks for two reasons:
  1. Fresh coconut water contains active enzymes that both repair and detox the body, whereas most store bought products have been pasteurized and/or are from concentrate.  
  2. Fresh coconut water is NOT the same as coconut milk.  Coconut milk is actually the meat of the coconut  finely processed, filtered and mixed with flavors and fillers such as water.  Coconut milk is not bad, it is just different than fresh coconut water.
Fresh coconut water has surprising and fantastic health benefits!  
  • Is extremely hydrating for the body
  • Contains essential minerals and electrolytes (predominately potassium)
  • Helps generate energy within the body and musculature
  • Combats high sodium diets while trying to cleanse
  • Detoxes and repairs tissues within the body
Besides its miraculously health affect on the body, it is naturally sweet and nutty without the added sugar of most juices.  This can make a yummy and beneficial addition to any juicing regimen.  

Personally I like to incorporate it as a "snack filler" to help fill me up and curb hunter.  It works wonders and really does help boost energy and hydration throughout the day.

Now... if only this blog post could bring some "beach weather" our way!

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