Monday, March 25, 2013

But I Want My COFFEE!!!

Oh the dreaded question... "Can I drink coffee while I juice?"  Imagine someone asking me this question while cringing with a desperate glint of hope in their eyes... the hope that I might say, "Yes."

So here is my answer - Yes and No.

To help answer the question more effectively, you need to answer this preliminary question, "Are you juicing or juice cleansing/fasting?"  In my world, juicing is the act of incorporating fresh, alive and active juice into your regular routine.  Juice cleansing/fasting is when you make the short-term commitment to ONLY drink fresh, alive and active juice thus flushing the body and basically "rebooting" your metabolism.  It is the difference between maintaining vs. cleansing/fasting.

My final answer...

  • Juicing = yes you can have coffee in moderation (no "pots" a day!)
  • Juice cleansing/fasting = no you can not have coffee... not even a little bit!

Why would I be so cruel as to take coffee away from "innocent juice cleansers" such as yourself?  The answer is simple... you are trying to cleanse the body of any toxins and agents in that are working against the natural inclinations and health of the body.  Sorry, but caffeine is one of those agents.  So, to reap the full and rapid benefits of a juice cleanse/fast, it is critical to eliminate extraneous substances that would otherwise tax the body and defeat your goal.

See... I'm not so mean after all!  I'm just trying to ensure that whether you are embarking on a lifestyle change such as juicing or are ready to dive into a juice cleanse/fast, that you will achieve maximum results. I want you to be as excited about this as I am!

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