Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Top 10 - Why we juice!

Why do we juice?  Why put in all this effort... what is the true gain of juicing fresh produce?

First and foremost... I do it for my family and I do it for me!

When it comes to health benefits... here are my 'Top 10" and why we here at JUL Juice do what we do!

  1. Energy - A clean and clear system operates much more efficiently to sustain energy throughout the day.  The easily consumable energy within juice allows for fast energy without the crash!
  2. Clear mind - Regulated blood sugar and reduced stress/stimulation on the adrenals helps to allow the necessary blood flow to the brain without "stimulating" the system.
  3. Weight loss - Highly efficient organs and systems create an environment where extra weight can now "drop off" to only what is needed.
  4. Better sleep - A clear mind and higher functioning body all equate to a more restful sleep that is uninterrupted by indigestion, discomfort and stress.
  5. Regulated mood - Even blood sugar and more even hormone releases equate to a more regulated mood throughout the day.
  6. Satisfied hunger - Highly concentrated nutrients tell the body that it is full and does not need that "extra" serving.
  7. Clear, glowing skin - A system clear of toxins will show in the body's largest organ... the skin!
  8. Increased immune system - High doses of nutrients and antioxidants help clear the system of toxins and increase the body's natural disease fighting powers.
  9. Reduces inflammation - Reduces risks and helps heals damage caused by toxins and disease.
  10. Hydration - Drinking high volumes of liquids on top of a healthy intake of H2O replenish the body, helps build and sustain blood which creates a clean and clear system.
I figure... even if I get a handful of these benefits, it is still a giant leap in the right direction.  Juicing has changed my life, changed the way I think about life and has created an avenue to help me control my health, my weight and my life.

What an amazing path... Go and seek the change!

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